Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I must have a sign on my belly that says, "Please..stop and give me advice. I REALLY REALLY value your opinion as a stranger in my life." Why is it that when you're pregnant, people feel the need to say things they would NEVER say to you otherwise? What's even sadder is that they don't have to be strangers. When I was about 8 weeks, I told Jason, "Man! I'm getting a little tummy." Jason's response..you ready? "Yeah and your hips are getting big too!" Seriously? A lady at work asked me one day how far along I was. I told her that I was about 9 weeks. "Wow!" she said as she began rubbing my belly. "You shouldn't be THAT BIG at 9 weeks!" Again, I ask, SERIOUSLY???

And then there's my family who so graciously pointed out some things that I should give up for the next nine months. Caffeine, sweets, stress...oh wait, that would have been too obvious. Apparently, I don't need to go tubing (as in..on the lake..in a tube) anymore. I'm sure glad they told me! I was planning on busting out the bikini and hitting the freezing lake this weekend. Oh..there is good news! My mom didn't know that alcohol and pregnancy don't mix. That's good I guess. I can always kick one back if it all gets to be too much.

So, when you talk to me or see new pictures posted, please refrain from telling me how fat I am, how many bad habits I should break (sorry folks, not giving up the caffeine!), how breastfeeding isn't fair to my husband, why I should let the baby sleep with me (not happening!), why I shouldn't give the baby a pacifier (ha! Baby's getting the stinkin' pacifer!!!), or why a home birth is better. Instead, just pray for patience until this first trimester is over!

(ok, ok, you must know that I'm joking..kinda!)